April 29, 2011

Echo Is Going to India

And you can help her...

I'm planning to help her.

I'm sending her $44.00 (all I have right now) and am doing my part to spread the word about her amazing heart and her amazing dream.
This is Echo

Who is she, you ask?

This is her best attempt to answer that question in her own words. I'm not sure any of us knows who we are exactly, but I think Echo is pretty darn close to finding out...let's help her. I'm going to.

Who is she to me? Well, I've known her for twelve years. I first met her when she was five. I met her mom and dad at church, and I fell in love with her whole family that day. Her mom and I have been through a lot together, most of it via long-distance Bible studies. We love each other...deeply, and Echo is like a niece to me. I love her with all my heart, and these past few years have been so hard for her...a girl with a dream that no on the outside understands...
Writing In the Sand

I love the way she puts it best:

"They warn me about sickness and danger in India, but I shrug it off! Isn't the life of one person worth all the pain and disease in the world? God, why have you given me so much passion for this! I cannot contain this joy, this unexplainable joythat you have given me! Why? Why do I love people I have never met? How is that possible? Why do I get butterflies from You like a lovesick girl? I am drunk from Your love. Although I eventually want a husband, I don't need one; not when You romance me this way! Not when you are constantly telling me how wonderful life is going to be, not when you are giving me such dreams...

Here's the deal...she's going to India, but she doesn't have enough money raised to go. Her heart wrenching story about the futility of her human efforts is documented here. Warning...this will probably make you cry!
Indian Child

So, I have been following her fundraising progress for the past couple of months, wishing there was more I could do than send her a mere $44.00. It hit me tonight. I could do this...I could use the small network of friends and family who read my blog and follow me on Twitter and follow me on Facebook to....

help her....

Indian Colors
Here is what she says about India:

And here is what she says about writing, a subject near and dear to my heart. I couldn't have expressed my love of writing in a better way than this:

They're Starving For Love

So help me help her go.

Click here to donate (her ID# 2630486): 

And thanks for passing this along and helping Echo go to India.

(All images were taken from Echo's blog and her Facebook page. I don't know where she found them, but I'm sure she found them when she was searching for her heartbeat.)


  1. What a beautiful heart she has, and you too! xo Alana