February 25, 2011

Global Warming?

Political Cartoon
A friend of mine posted this cartoon on Facebook, and it generated a little bit of buzz. Nothing negative, nothing outrageous, but definitely interesting. I am not a scientist, and I don't honestly know what I believe about global warming, but I did read a book a couple of years ago that changed my perspective radically on the whole issue, State of Fear, by Michael Crichton.

State of Fear is about the scientific evidence Michael Crichton put together to dispute the theory of global warming and point out that it MIGHT (not definitely is, just might) just be yet another media-propelled agenda. His theory is that the evidence actually points, cyclically, to the probability of another ice age.

One thing that swings me toward his perspective is that he goes a lot farther back in his research of weather patterns and climate trends than the 50 to 100 years most of the global warming theorists quote.

I'm not saying I believe either theory. My point is that everyone has an opinion, but very few of those people, Al Gore included, are true scientists. I believe some major changes are coming, but they might not prove to be the ones we are expecting. There are always, always more than two options available, and I propose a third one here:

I believe in God, and I believe that we as believers do have the privilege and responsibility to rise up as the kings and queens we are and start advocating the heavenly realms to bring about the healing to this land that all people on earth are hungering for, even if they don't know that's what they're hungering for.

The answer to this is not politics; it will not come about by human effort. The only thing we can do is humble ourselves in good, old-fashioned love and passion for our Savior, which will lead us to godly sorrow over what we have been doing to ourselves, to others, and to our planet. Godly sorrow will ultimately lead us to repentance (doing things differently), and finally to the healing of our land.


  1. Very wise words. I feel so hopeless, overwhelmend and full of despair when I think about these things, because there is nothing I can do that will make much of an impact on them - at least, not where I can notice. So as with everything else in my life, I am learning to lean on, rely on and turn to God to help me face the "impossible".

    As for Michael Crichton's book, loved it! Great fiction based on some facts. What I loved the most were his notes at the end, "You might be wondering what the author actually thinks about all this...", where he said that no matter what is going on, it makes sense from EVERY perspective for us to take better care of the planet we live on. I miss his creative and interesting writing.

  2. Thanks, you two!! Alana, I also liked the whole section on his perspective and research, and I definitely miss his contribution to the world of fiction. He has always been one of my favorites.