March 3, 2011


A Shelter from the Wind
So I've listened to this song about six times today. 
Jars of Clay, "Shelter."

It speaks volumes to me of where I'm at and where I hope I'm heading. The first verse speaks to me of where I've been.

To all who are looking down,
holding onto hearts still wounding
For those who've yet to find it,
the places near where love is moving
Cast off the robes you're wearing,
set aside the names that you've been given
May this place of rest
in the fold of your journey
bind you to hope,
you will never walk alone

A Refuge from the Storm
So many times we are told that God is our refuge and strength; the source of our rest and our perfect shelter. Often I dream of resting quietly under His great wings, as a chick nestles under the wings of its mother on a cold spring morning. I have found Him to be a great comfort to me. This is the first step...knowing that He loves me beyond all measure...that I am His greatest delight and treasure...not that I'm better, but just that I'm the only me!

But this song calls to a deeper longing in my is the chorus:

In the shelter of each other,
we will live, we will live
In the shelter of each other,
we will live, we will live
Your arms are all around us

Streams of Water in the Desert
Isaiah 32:2 says:

"Each man will be
like a shelter from the wind
and a refuge from the storm,
like streams of water in the desert
and the shadow of a
great rock in a thirsty land."

This verse has been my companion for the past several weeks. I came across it in my quiet time one day, and every time I'm with a friend I realize I am their shelter. I am their drink of living water. I am their shadow in a dry and parched land.

Here's the second verse of the song:

If our hearts have turned to stone,
there is hope,
we know the rocks will cry out
And the tears aren't ours alone,
let them fall into the hands that hold us
Come away from where you're hiding,
set side the lies that you've been living
May this place of rest
in the fold of your journey
bind you to hope
that we will never walk alone
We must all believe, 
our lives are not our own, we all belong
God has given us each other,
and we will never walk alone

A Great Rock in a Thirsty Land
At a time when I am moving away from some of my dearest friends, this gives me such a feeling of safety. I will be physically separated from them, but these words are still truth. In moments when I feel all alone, I will only need to take a minute to close my eyes and picture their face, their arms, and their strong voices saying, "You can do it. You will make new friends. You will succeed. You will prosper. I believe in you."

I guess you could say that I'm feeling the shelter of those who love me, and it really does give me wings to fly.

Just a note, the entire album (The Shelter) is amazing, and in Dan's words,

"It's just a record that celebrates what it means to try to love people well."

The Album Cover


  1. Our "dearest friends", those who are our shelter, our drink of living water, our shade in a dry, parched land, live in our hearts no matter where we are. And though we may miss their physical presence, we only have to look into our hearts to find the presence of their spirit within us.

    When I got to the part about you moving away from some of your dearest friends...thank you God for healing my wounds and allowing me to know and feel that I'm am loved by you. I love being one of your dearest friends!