May 16, 2011

The ALL of God

This past week has been full of victory on many fronts. Though we have some finishing touches to make, every living space in our home is beautifully in order. No longer are we "moving in." I am now confident that the order and beauty will provide the sanctuary we've been longing for in our home.

Also on a physical front, just a few short weeks ago I was healed of chronic neck and head pain. I stood for prayer in church when head trauma was called out, primarily considering my car accident as the source of said trauma. I did have a neck injury which had yet to resolve completely from the car accident.

However, once the vice grip around my head was lifted off by prayer and a prophetic act from the man behind me, I realized that the headaches had been with me far, far longer than the car accident. Though it is hard for me to know for sure, it's quite possible I've lived with a chronic low-grade headache for at least fifteen years.

Healed of Chronic Pain
There is no way to describe to you the feeling of waking up the next morning, expecting normal, only to find that a big part of what has been "normal" for so long is now actually really normal. Chronic pain is NEVER normal. Having been healed this past year from several chronic pain issues other than these headaches, I just have to say that again. Chronic pain is NEVER normal.

This brings me to the topic that's really on my heart little word that makes a big difference. Here's what the Bible says about it:

He Heals All Our Diseases
Psalm 103:2-3 (NIV)
"Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not ALL His benefits--who forgives ALL your sins and heals ALL your diseases."

Revelation 21:5a (NASB)
"He who sits on the throne said, 'Behold, I am making ALL things new."

Hebrews 2:8 (NASB)
"'You have put ALL things in subjection under [the son of man's] feet.' For in subjecting ALL things to him, he left nothing that is not subject to him. But we do not yet see ALL things subjected to him."

ALL sins are forgiven!!

ALL diseases are healed!!!

ALL aches and pains were paid for!!

ALL things are being made new!!

Jesus said on the cross, "It is finished!" What was finished??? His death on the cross covered the debt mankind owed to God for subjecting creation to the frustration of sin and death. His resurrection put everything right, including the oppression, depression, and repression that comes from chronic pain and suffering for no purpose. This final verse in Hebrews begs a serious question...

Paid In Full
If Jesus finished the work on the cross; if God placed ALL things in subjection under His feet, why have we not yet seen ALL things subjected to Jesus???

I propose that you and I play a significant role. Of course, we won't walk in the fullness of our destiny without a revelation of His love for us, for mankind, and for the earth. Of course, we won't have a revelation of His LOVE without His Holy Spirit helping us understand. Of course, without Him we can only offer sacrifices instead of obedience.

Yet, I encourage you to run to Him with your inadequacy in His call upon your life and ask Him for the one thing that will change everything and make this one little word yours for the taking....Ask Him for a revelation of His love for you.

His love for me has transformed my life. My heart is healed, my mind is healed, my body is healed, my marriage is healed, and my home is in order. This is all because I now understand that He loves me completely and fully. He loves me beyond words. And because He loves me, I know He will patiently teach me ALL things.
Transformation of Life
In fact, I know that He will teach me how to be like Jesus, who healed EVERY person He prayed for, who transformed EVERY person who received His love for them, and whose very inheritance is ALL the nations of the earth (Psalm 82:8).

My prayer for you today is that you will turn your face toward the One who loves you beyond words and that this encounter with Him will transform every atom of your being, so that you too will receive the breadth and width of the one word, ALL, and see how it includes you and every hope and dream you've ever had.



  1. Very powerful. How different every life would be if we each stood in the truth that God is over ALL!

  2. Incredible, so glad you are made full and solid in Christ. I pray everyday for pain to leave me, I trust that God will do with it what he wants. When his timing is right, when I am where he wants me to be I know he will remove it completely.

  3. What a great testimony to the ALL-powerful God we serve, love, and live in relationship with!!!