January 15, 2011

Day 15: A Loving Reminder

I know...I know...by the time I get to the rest of the Battle of Ai, we will have forgotten what the point was...maybe. But I found a post titled Less Than a Christian Wife over at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee. This post struck a deep cord in my heart, as I recently have been convicted of the very same thing she's talking about. It is short, and I would encourage you to read it before you read the rest of what I've written here.

My favorite line in the post was: "If you find yourself hard-pressed to love someone, there is almost surely an idol lurking."

Can anyone say knife in the heart? The Lord and I will be having a serious conversation about some things this evening, and I'm glad. When it comes to defeating strongholds, pulling out roots, and breaking down idols I am on a ruthless quest to leave no stone unturned and no hidden thing left lurking!

To keep things open and honest, I will confess some of own club memberships, how the idolatry was exposed, and how I have begun to revoke my membership from these clubs.

Nursing Mothers Club
(I cut up my membership cards the week I found out my daughter was losing weight because my milk had dried up)

Worship Team/Ministry Club
(I'm not convinced that I've cut these cards up; however, I recently removed myself from ministry because I recognized the pride that was growing in my heart; now I believe that we're all in the ministry when we believe, and I am not better than anyone else even if I see God's power working in and through me)

I'm a Christian Club
(I cut up these cards this winter;
I'm no longer convinced that my definition of a Christian is the same as Jesus' definition)

Girls Are Better Club
(I cut up my membership card this fall;
my husband is a son of the King of kings, and I'm not always right)

Christian Maturity Club
(I cut up my cards this summer when several friends started struggling in their marriages; I have believed that I cannot be encouraged in my faith or learn from those who are actively struggling with sin; I've since learned that the roots of all sin are the same, and I am always one step away from making the mistakes I've judged others for making)

I know that the Lord will reveal the other clubs I have membership cards for, and I thank you for praying for me as I continue to clean out my wallet and walk free of idolatry in my life. You are in my thoughts and prayers today, too.

Here is a verse that inspires me in my quest for freedom:

"But the [woman] who looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues to do this, not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it--he will be blessed in what he does."
~James 1:25~


p.s. These images were chosen only for illustrative purposes. I do not endorse or have anything against any of the sites I borrowed them from.


  1. This is a wonderful reminder to me from both sides of the club issue. I belong to many, but there is also mischief when I feel excluded, less than, insecure, etc., because of the clubs I'm not a part of.

    Thank you God for not leaving a single stone unturned as you answer my prayers to be set apart for you.

  2. Love this one!