January 4, 2011

Day 4: A Work in Progress

Well, once again you'll have to wait for tomorrow to hear my meditation. It was a busy day, one filled mostly with peace and joy, mixed in with a little fatigue and a tiny headache. Day two of completely no sugar. Yeah! I wasn't home a lot today, so that may account for the fact that it didn't seem like I was struggling so much with the complaining. Hmmm...

Anyway, I overcame the temptation to eat sugar at the meeting I was at. And then I was only a teeny-tiny bit envious of my friend's really yummy-smelling drink, which I will not describe here since so many of my readers are also on a no-sugar fast. Anyway, I savored the smell and was surprised that I wasn't tempted to go out to coffee afterwards. It's possible that if it hadn't been so icy and if I hadn't been so focused on making a beeline for home that I would have had to fight a little with myself, but I don't know! I certainly didn't think about it on the way home.

So tomorrow, I will be posting the meditation I keep promising. Really, I promise! It is mostly written, but too rough for publication at this moment. For now, it's time to stick to my resolution to turn the computer off for the night and spend some time with my family!

Until tomorrow, Peace & Joy,


  1. Ahh, the gift of grace. How easy it is to brush it off as circumstance. I had to chuckle at you imagining what might have been. Just remember all the times you would have stopped for that coffee anyway...and praise God for gently and subtly guiding you through temptation.

  2. I am definitely praising Him! You are so right and you know me so well, my friend!